Medium Intensity Obstruction Lights are usually installed on obstacles from 45 to 150 meters.

According to ICAO standard, Medium-Intensity Obstruction Lights can be generally divided into three types: Type A, B, C. In order to meet actual requirements, Medium Intensity Dual Obstruction Lights(White,Red) are designed.

Medium-Intensity Type A Obstruction Light is a lamp with white,2000cd(Night) to 20,000cd(Twilight,Daytime),flashing mode(ICAO 20-60times/min,FAA 40times/min),all day working,installed on obstacles from 105m to 150m.

Medium-Intensity Type B Obstruction Light is a lamp with Red, 2000 cd, flashing mode( ICAO 20-60 times/min; FAA 20-40 times/min), installed on obstacles from 45m to 105m.

Medium-Intensity Type C Obstruction Light is a lamp with Red,2000 cd,fixed mode, installed on obstacles from 45m to 105m.

Medium-Intensity Dual Obstruction Light is a lamp with Red(Night)&White(Daytime), 2000 cd (Night) to 20000 cd (Daytime), Flashing mode( ICAO 20 times/min, FAA 40 times/min),installed on obstacles from 45m to 105m.

Our Medium Intensity Obstruction Lights have been widely used all over the world. For example, MASINLOC POWER PLANT AREA 3 CHIMNEY and CEBU-CORDOVA LINK EXPRESS PROJECT from Philippines; Tambak Lorok Combined Cycle Power Plant Block 3 (HRSG) Project from Indonesia; 500 KV Song Hau-Duc Hoa Transmission Line and 500kv Vinh Tan TPP-Song May-Tan Uyen TL from Vietnam; Southernwood from Singapore. And we have received great recognition and praise from the above customers’ feedback.

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