What type of cables does the NVT aircraft warning light have? What factors should be noticed when laying cables in advance? Aviation obstacle lighting are different from ordinary domestic lighting because of its characteristics. Only the professionals know how to lay and connect the cable of the lighting.

Aviation obstruction light is unable to work, even broken with incorrect cable connection. It’s important to learn how to connect the cable for obstruction lighting.

Generally, the cable of obstruction light has 3 cores. Brown one is live line, blue one is neutral line and yellow-green one is ground line. It’s the same for the light with GPS synchronization function. However, the light which connects controller panel has one more core, gray signal line.

The cable of RVVV4*1.5 and above specifications is recommended. And the cable of obstacle light should be laid according to circuit drawing.

Guangzhou New Voyage Technology Co.,Ltd is a manufacture focusing on aviation obstruction lighting system. The lighting we supplied has been certified by ICAO and CAAC, meeting the standards of ICAO, FAA and CAAC. Drawing and guidance of cable  connection are available as request.