I-shape bracket for top roof installation

Aviation obstruction lights are installed on the structure with mounting bracket. The mounting set should be designed according to the actual installation position.

There are two types of mounting brackets for buildings. L-shape bracket is designed for wall installation. I-shape bracket is used for top roof installation.

Top roof installation is more easier because only match of holes on bracket plate and light base should be noticed. Wall installation is very complicated as the brackets should be designed according to material of wall , installation position, wind speed, height, etc.

L-shape bracket for side installation

Mounting bracket must be specially designed for glass wall and transmission towers. The mounting bracket needs to be connected to the main steel structure of the building because it is impossible to drill holes directly on the glass wall. It is the same for transmission towers.  

No matter which structure to install aircraft warning light, the mounting bracket should fit the installation position. If the regular bracket is not able to fit the structure, then special design is needed. The weight of the light, wind load, material of the structure is the crucial factor for the design of brackets.

Guangzhou New Voyage Technology Co.,Ltd is a manufacture specialized in aviation obstruction lighting system. The lighting we supplied has been certified by ICAO and CAAC, meeting the standards of ICAO, FAA and CAAC. Drawing of installation position and brackets are available as request.